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performance art

A 1-minute performance piece involving me holding scissors to my eye, almost touching it, to invoke the feeling of anxiety in the audience. The performance piece served as a way to give my battle with chronic anxiety form.


performance art

30-minute performance art piece for ONO. The performance touches on my personal battle with mental illness.

Tremble Tremble

performance lecture led by Zarina Muhammad

Taking place in the Institute for Contemporary Arts in Singapore, I was lucky enough to be a part of the performance lecture led by Zarina Muhammad that served as a response to Jesse Jones' "Tremble Tremble". 


In 'Tremble Tremble', Irish artist Jesse Jones transforms the ICA Singapore’s largest gallery into a multimedia installation which reimagines feminist history and institutions of law. The exhibition title is inspired by the 1970s Italian ‘Wages for Housework’ campaign, during which women chanted 'Tremate, tremate, le streghe sono tornate! (Tremble, tremble, the witches have returned!)'. In 'Tremble Tremble', Jones introduces the witch as a feminist archetype and disrupter who has the potential to transform reality.

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