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The Weight of DIstance
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Performed for the Wuwei Performance Series #7 which took place during Singapore's Circuit Breaker in April 2020.


The artist balances the weight of a 1 meter wooden stick between her body and a wall in her home, refusing to let it fall before its time despite the struggle. The performance examines the artist’s relationship with distance during the current lockdown period.


In The Weight of Distance, the artist gives distance a form and interacts with it. In this case, distance takes the form of a 1 meter wooden stick. 1 meter is the minimum distance allowed between people during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker.


Different versions of the performance were carried out over the course of 5 hours. This was the last performance.



The Wuwei Performance Series is a periodical performance art event that is held in Singapore. This is the 7th edition of the series, which has been uploaded online due to the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions.


Wuwei Performance Series #7 :

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