(experimentation for Defective: Absent Bodies)

Throughout history, the female body has been abjected due to its bodily functions and its refusal to conform to the patriarchal system that deems it impure and lacking in propriety. Embracing Abjection comprises of a collection of ambiguous, grotesque and human-like sculptures that highlight the parts of a female body that are usually kept hidden and deemed as imperfections such as the folds, bulges and bodily functions. 

Instead of the abject being something that is seen as repulsive and something to distance yourself from, these sculptures act as a way to embrace the abject as a form of feminist aesthetic as a means to challenge the physical and behavioural societal constructs surrounding female ideals and the oppressive category of beautiful that defines a desirable woman as contained, orderly and devoid of imperfections. The pieces force the audience to come face to face with these organic forms that occur naturally within and on a woman’s body