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VAGINA PARTY is a series of interviews I conducted with a group of amazing women from different countries, backgrounds, cultures and age groups to have conversations on the topic of beauty ideals while their vulvas were being moulded. 


These gatherings were reserved exclusively for women to have conversations on the female body, beauty ideals, body politics and personal stories that relate to the female body in order to investigate how the concept and perception of the female body differs from country to country, and in what ways their personal histories and culture play a part in the construction of this perception.

A big thank you to all the amazing women who joined in on this important conversation and experience and trusting me enough to expose themselves in such a beautiful and honest way. Will be airing an episode every week here as well as Youtube so do subscribe to my YouTube channel and listen in on our conversations.

Deborah Emmanuel and Pam

Rebecca and Carrie

B and Sonia

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